Kids Yoga Courses

Certified Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher Jasmine Gow shares the tools of yoga with Rangiora children to focus their busy brains, stretch and strengthen their growing bodies and expand their eager hearts! Each course is adapted to suit the needs and interests of the children participating. Sessions progress in challenge over the course and the repetition of certain sequences and exercises will provide children with skills they can practice in between classes. Sign up to our newsletter and get notified of upcoming courses.

Yoga sessions are playful and lively; full of creative yoga movement, fun games, interactive storytelling, modern music and relaxation. Each session follows a loose structure starting with a time for us to connect as a group, followed by active warm ups, flowing yoga sequences, challenging postures and quiet time with plenty of joyful games and activities throughout! As a trained and registered primary and early childhood teacher, Jasmine designs courses to support children’s emotional, physical and social well-being in line with the NZ health curriculum.

Family discount: after booking one child in, get 25% off course fees for the second child and any subsequent children.

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5-13 year olds

An 8 week course of 45 minute sessions centered around a yoga journey, driven by interactive storytelling and packed with games. Children will learn yoga poses and sequences, breathing and relaxation techniques in a playful, creative way. Designed to foster children's emotional and physical wellbeing, boosting their confidence and expressing their individuality while building a balance of strength and flexibility. Children are encouraged to collaborate with and support each other, often forming friendships.

$80 for 8 weeks

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Well-being course for girls 10+ Sundays

A 5 week course to dive deep into yoga to boost wellbeing. 60 minute sessions designed to provide skills to build resilience, focus, self esteem and inner peace. Each session is centred around an empowering affirmation integrating creative yoga movement, music, discussions, self care strategies, breathing, relaxation and meditation.
A fun, empowering and non-competitive way to build strength and flexibility, while forming meaningful connections with peers.

$70 for 5 week course.

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What should my child bring to the session? 

Please bring a drink bottle and a yoga mat if you have one (there will be a limited amount of spares available).   

Can I stay and watch? 

You are welcome to stay for the first session, after that I’d recommend your child participate independently. Children often get something quite different out of the class without their parents present, as they aren’t tempted to either "perform” or withdraw, and instead can be more present and form connections with the other children in the class.